About us

FIT MONEY is run by Islington Citizens Advice Bureau on behalf of a partnership of Islington Organisations. We are working together to achieve a real change in how confident people in social housing feel about money, budgeting and dealing with debt.
We have designed a range of tools, activities, support, resources, workshops and training to give  people living in Islington  social housing confidence when dealing with all kinds of money issues. FIT MONEY wants you to feel secure handling your finances to give you a better future.
We have developed programmes and training tools to support agencies, especially landlords, so they can support tenants more effectively with financial issues.
FIT MONEY is for any Islington tenant or young person living in a council or housing association property. You are welcome to get involved in as many project activities as you like. If you just want to come along to a taster session to see what it’s all about, that’s fine too. We offer a programme of training and other activities , and will support you to access individual tailor made one to one support.
FIT MONEY aims to empower people to be confident with their finances and improve their life chances. No matter how much or how little money you have it is important to manage your money effectively that’s why we want to make sure that everything we do reflects your ideas and views and we want your input to continue developing and taking the project further!
To find out more, and to get our free training and support, please contact us.