Budget Calculator

Why not take a few minutes to complete the online budget calculator and see how much you have coming in, how much you spend and whether you can make some savings! The online budget calculator is a great way to create a personalised money plan. It can help you change the way you spend your money and you may be able to make some savings!
Once you’ve completed it you can discuss your results as part your tailor made one to one support and get help and advice to make the changes necessary. It would be useful to have some details of your income and spending from pay slips, benefit notices and bills, but if you don’t have these to hand you can start by entering estimated figures.
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On this page record where all your money comes from.

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Record all your essential spending on this page.

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7. Housekeeping

8. Other expenditure

If your results show that you are spending more than you have coming in, you need to look at ways to cut back on your spending and maybe increase your earnings, in order to avoid getting into debt.

If your results show that you have more money coming in than you spend, and you have accounted for all your spending, why not consider saving with the Credit Union?

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Essential Expenditures

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