• Basic support
    FIT MONEY is offering  support to all Council & Housing Association tenants living in the Islington area.  We can refer you to a partner service for additional support and advice relating to your money matters, should you need it. 
    Access  all that FIT MONEY has to offer!
  • CORE ACTIVITIES increasing awareness and skills

    FIT MONEY is offering free workshops that will increase your awareness and skills relating to money matters. You will have the chance to take part in activities relating to planning your money, saving, understanding credit and debt, how to manage on a low income and how to get the best deal.


    If you have accessed the Basic Support and have completed at least one of the awareness and skills training, then you are eligible for the FIT MONEY Enhanced Support programme. Through Enhanced Support you can receive individualised one to one appointments, specialist advice and assistance through our partner agencies, and the opportunity to take part in specially arranged one off activities, such as cooking or sporting activities. We will be asking you for ideas for activities that we can arrange. Plus much more...

  • SKILLS AND ACTIVITIES – putting skills into practice
    Congratulations on reaching this stage, as it means you have accessed the Basic Support and taken part in both the accredited core activities and the Enhanced Support.  
    Now FIT MONEY would like you to put your newly acquired skills into practice, which gives you the chance to gain and use research skills, lead focus group and take part in mystery shopping. You could also become a Financial Champion – helping other young people with money matters or join a mentoring programme for young people with business ideas.